Below you will find our frequently asked questions. If you can't find what you are looking for, please call us at

  1. Why are the Preview Getaways priced at such a great value?

    Because we believe that leisure is one of the most important aspects of our busy lives, we want to tell you about vacation ownership with Bluegreen and our 55+ resort destinations, and offer you a great discounted vacation adventure. More than 223,000 families choose to spend their leisure time at Bluegreen Resorts. This is a great way for you to share in the fun and see why so many people trust Bluegreen for a lifetime of vacation memories.

  2. Can I reschedule my travel dates?

    A confirmed reservation may be rescheduled at no charge only if the request is made at least 14 days prior to the scheduled check-in date. If a confirmed reservation is changed less than 14 days prior to the scheduled check-in date, a $125 late cancellation fee will be required.

  3. When will I receive my gift?

    You will receive your gift after your two-hour sales tour and preview (or sooner if required by law).

  4. Can family or friends that also bought a package travel at the same time as me?

    Because we tailor each presentation to the vacation interests of each individual family, we do not allow group travel.

  5. Do I need a major credit card to participate in this promotion?

    Yes, you must have a valid major credit card bearing a Visa®, American Express®, MasterCard® or Discover® card logo, or a valid major debit card bearing a Visa® or MasterCard® logo.

  6. How can I book travel dates?

    Book now, or call 866.933.7520 if you have already purchased your getaway.

  7. What is a Bluegreen Vacation Club sales tour and preview?

    During your Preview Getaway, an approximately two-hour sales presentation and tour will introduce you to the advantages of vacation ownership and the opportunities Bluegreen Resorts has to offer. You will learn how our brand of vacation ownership can enhance your vacation experiences by allowing you the flexibility and freedom to customize your vacations at an attractive, affordable price.

  8. Do I have to purchase a Bluegreen Vacation Club interest?

    There is absolutely no obligation to purchase a Bluegreen Vacation Club interest.

  9. Where will I be staying?

    Resort Getaways include accommodations at a Bluegreen resort. Destination Getaways (such as the Boyne Mountain Hotel Vacation) include accommodations at an independently owned and operated select area hotel, each of which is chosen for location and quality.

  10. When will I attend the tour?

    If you are traveling on a Preview Getaway, we will schedule your tour time once you arrive at our Welcome Center. Most of our guests prefer to get acquainted with the area first, so we usually schedule your tour on the day after your arrival date.

  11. Can I attend the presentation by myself?

    If married, or cohabiting and combining income, the couple is required to visit and attend the presentation together (except where prohibited by law).

  12. Can I bring my pet?

    Pets are not permitted for our vacation getaways.

  13. How many people can I bring on vacation with me?

    Please refer to the accommodations information for specific details for your selected vacation package.

  14. How long do I have to use this package?

    Travel must be completed within 12 months from the purchase date of the package, unless noted otherwise.